The goals of the registered society: Statutes

Independence for developing countries
Living in an intact ecosystem
Food supply should not be a question of prosperity.
The supply of food in one's own country is not a question of technology.
It is a question of soil, a question of water, a question of organization.
It is a matter of reason, experience and the implementation of recognized principles.

Onions, vegetable oil, chicken, eggs and other foods are currently being imported.
Before you think about import and export goods and their economic components,
One should reasonably ensure their own supply in the country with basic food.



Gambia must not follow the global trends
     •     urbanization
     •     industrialization
     •     manufacture of products in highly automated factories
     •     production of food on huge fields as export goods
Based on these considerations and examples, the first milestones are visible.
The way for countries like Gambia to a long-term independence:
Fix the ecosystem: Raise the water level and equip the land with trees again.
With the trees life comes back to the ground.
Equip the country with gardens: With diversity instead of monoculture. Cultivate food consumed locally.
The true treasure in the 3rd millennium is fertile land.
Gambia is allowed to completely rethink the concept of the last 100 years and to live something new.
Tourism should remain a regular source of income, it can be extend.