The goals of the registered society: Statutes

For the association Naritaba Foundation, food supply in the Gambia



Money transfers come with about 98% of a donation. (For money transfers we can expect about 2% expenses).
The rest always goes in current projects. Each euro is put to good use.
This is what the board of the association stands for.


  IBAN: AT12 1200 0100 1943 1724


  • We start the information campaign throughout the Gambia (and Senegal), how important the trees are to humans.
    With the trees, all other problems are solved by themselves:
    The water level rises, the entire ecosystem changes again in the direction of fertile land.
    The own food supply can be ensured again.
    Without economic dependencies, targeted measures can be taken again on how to act sensibly with Europe.
    Once again, money flows, projects can be successfully completed again.
    Power supply and Internet connection in the country can be further expanded.
    The sectors of education and culture can be organized again.
    The young people can live well in their own country and have future perspectives.
  • We achieve the best effect by taking good example: Vegetable and fruit gardens of the Naritaba Foundation.
    After only one year, the situation is proven to be improved: Twice as much harvest with less money investment.
    You can find out how to do this, here: On the website

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